Risa Y. Munawar


Munawar has her Bachelor degree in Gas and Petrochemical Engineering from University of Indonesia from which she once studied chemistry. In 1995, Risa also took Master Program in Gas Technology under Metallurgy Department of the University of Indonesia majoring in Methane Conversion. Based on her in-depth knowledge in chemistry and chemical engineering, thereafter supported by her experience leading the Patent division in the former law firm for more than 6 years, Risa has demonstrated her remarkable professional skills in almost every aspect of patent management. She is a partner and now overseeing the patent group in LSP, which involves chemical, electrical and mechanical patents. She also used to be a researcher at the University of Indonesia, joining “Research Grant Program”, specifically in the field of methane conversion and catalysts; and she was once a member Research Fellow at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. She is a member of Asian Patent Attorney Association, International Trademark Association (INTA), and Association of IP Firms (AIPF).