We have excellent registered Patent and Trademark Attorneys, including litigators and paralegal staff as well as a number of overseas graduated technical assistants grouping in three inter related different divisions, each according to their respective areas of specialization that is mechanical, electrical and chemical fields, as an integrated whole, who will assist you on

  • Counseling on the patentability of inventions;
  • Preparation, filing and prosecution of local and conventional patent applications, including PCT applications;
  • Providing professional advice and litigation service relating to cases, which involve issues over validity and infringement of patents.
  • Assisting patentee/patent holder in patent maintenances, including providing services in obtaining information on status of patent annuity.
  • Counseling clients on trademark selection and registrability;
  • Conducting availability search;
  • Filing and prosecuting trademark applications, – both in Indonesia, and in other countries;
  • Assisting clients in trademark maintenance and enforcement, including representation in dispute resolution through either legal proceedings or ADR.
  • Providing professional advice on various aspects of industrial design protection;
  • Service includes preparation, filing and prosecution of applications as well as litigation.
  • Advising clients about the copyright-ability of creative works and their scope of protection;
  • Filing and prosecution of copyright applications (Note: not mandatory for copyright establishment, yet advisable);
  • Provision of Litigation service.
  • Assisting clients in tailoring and/or reviewing intellectual property licenses and technology transfer agreements in compliance with the prevailing domestic laws and regulations
In both trial and appellate courts as well as administrative and arbitration tribunals involving:
  • Intellectual property infringement cases;
  • Unfair competition;
  • Corporate, contract and investment disputes