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Protect Your Intellectual Property Rights in indonesia

LSP PARTNERSHIP is a highly reputable Intellectual Property law firm located in Jakarta, Indonesia,

that was established in 2004.


From Indonesia To The World

IP Portfolio

Since our inception, we have managed over 8000 patents, 3000 trademarks and 500 industrial designs.

Knowledgable IP Experts

As a member of international IP associations, we have partnered with Intellectual Property practitioners from around the world.

Global Coverage

Companies from all over the world entrust us to manage their Intellectual Property portfolios in Indonesia.

20 +

Years of



Manage Your IP portfolio

We offer high quality legal services to protect your rights so that you can conduct your business with a peace of mind. Our services include:

  • IP Filings & Prosecutions
  • IP Surveillance
  • IP Litigations
  • Alternative Dispute Resolutions

Protect Your IP Rights

Elevate Your Business

“LSP PARTNERSHIP is your partner to navigate the legal world of IP in Indonesia. Our IP experts are always available to give you accurate advice to cater to your IP needs.”

Lasman Sitorus

Director / Managing Partner

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Safeguard Your innovation

Your innovation matters, not just to you or to us, but to the whole world. As you share your innovation to the world, we would like to ensure your rights are lawfully protected.


The Management Team

Mr. Lasman Sitorus, the Managing Partner of LSP PARTNERSHIP, a well-known figure in Intellectual Property Law in Indonesia.

Managing Partner


Ms. Munawar (Risa) is a highly accomplished patent professional with a unique blend of scientific expertise and legal experience.


Head of Patent

Ms. Sitanggang (Selly) is a trademark attorney with a strong legal background and fluency in English. She manages the Trademark & Design Division at LSP PARTNERSHIP, handling all aspects of trademark and industrial design matters from client consultation to enforcement.


Head of Trademark and Design


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