Selly Sitanggang

Selly Sitanggang is a trademark attorney with a strong legal background who manages the Trademark & Design division at LSP PARTNERSHIP.

Selly Sitanggang has a Bachelor in Laws degree from University of Padjadjaran and an undergraduate degree in English language from School of Higher Learning of Foreign Languages (STBA).

She is a member of Indonesian Bar Association (AAI) and has represented numerous clients before appellate courts. In LSP PARTNERSHIP, with her far-reaching experiences, she is responsible for all trademark and industrial design matters handled by the LSP PARTNERSHIP‘s Trademark & Design division.

She provides a myriad of services, including consultation on trademark selection and registrability, conducting availability searches, application filings, and other matters associated with trademark surveillance, maintenance and enforcement services. As an experienced IP Practitioner, Selly Sitanggang is a member of Asian Patent Attorney Association (APAA), International Trademark Association (INTA) and Association of IP Firms (AIPF).